How to get the Angel Goat -Goat Simulator.

While making this post, I remembered the first goat I unlocked: the angel goat!For that reason, I will be telling everyone how to get the angel goat.

It is going to be a simple task to get the angel goat.Anyways, let us get on with the blog.

Firstly, you’ll want to go into Goatville.  Next, you’ll want to stand still and wait for about 5 minutes you can do something else while the time passes -and there you go; you have unlocked the angel goat.I forgot to mention that every day I will post something.



Goat Simulator pt1

Goat Simulator, one of the most bought games in the world right,wrong;even if it’s a popular game doesn’t make it one of the most bought games in the world.Anyway,enough of me going on and on,I’m going to talk about it .

I was kind of a cheater because I did look on a couple of videos when I wanted to unlock certain goats.While I was playing goat simulator, something strange happened…

I will tell what happened later in the next blog post and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Lets Talk about the Nintendo Labo

Hello everyone and late happy new year! The last post was in November, I know, but I have made it one of my new year resolutions to post more regularly, and you can find the new schedule on the new ‘Schedule’ page. A new post will be going up tomorrow morning though as well to make up for the delays. Sorry!

Anyway, today I’m here to talk about the new Nintendo Labo that was announced a few days ago. If you are unaware, here is the the first look at the product:

Now, when I first saw this video, I thought the idea was indeed a cool concept and very out of the box (I’m sorry I had to), which I can appreciate. If this works as it does in the video, then this would be a very fun and creative way to play our Nintendo Switch games.

However, me, and many others who also received the news, have some questions. One question being, “Will this actually work?”. Now, I can see why people would say this as the idea is very ambitious and seemingly impossible. This has never been attempted before, so will Nintendo master this concept first time? Honestly, I doubt they will, but I also don’t think that Nintendo would fail at making this vision a reality, as they’ve revolutionised the gaming industry before. I’m confident that, with all the technology we have today, they will be able to achieve their goal. Still, I believe it can be improved upon, and that can apply for (almost) everything.

Overall, do I believe this is a good or bad idea? I don’t believe that this idea is good nor bad. I just want to wait and see the product being used before I can successfully analyse it and give an opinion. So, everyone, lets just wait until this thing releases in April this year, and if I ever get my hands on them, I’ll let you guys know. 🙂

-sonicworld123 signing out

Pokemon caught on 12/11/17 | Pokemon GO

Hello everyone! I apologize for the ridiculous wait since the last post that I wrote, and I assure you that there are more coming this weekend. I also have to thank our viewers for getting us to 20 followers! We started this blog just to record our Pokemon GO catches, but we didn’t expect anyone to be interested, so I thank our followers and anyone who has ever viewed our website!

Anyway, without further ado, I would like to present our Pokemon GO catches from 12/11/17 (which was a while ago). We did re-install the app and we have only used it once or twice because of how much data this app sucks up. So, these are our most recent catches from our most recent hunt.

Pokemon Caught:

Natu    x3














Pokemon Hatched:

Porygon   x2


I hope we continue playing Pokemon GO!

Sorry I’ve been gone / How to get the Johto region starters on pokemon sun/moon !!!

First I’d like to explain why I’ve been gone.I had a book that had my wordpress password in, but I lost it for quite a long time and I finally found where the book was so now I can write more blogs.:) Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying this blog and now I’m going to move on to johto starters in pokemon sun and moon.

Firstly, go on to Poni Island and then scan at least 5 trustworthy QR codes so then you can use the island scan. If you want Cyndaquil you need to change the date to Sunday. If you want Chikorita change the date to Friday and if you want Totodile you need to change the date to Monday(sadly:(  )  Totodile is my favourite/favorite.


Yo Kai Watch: First Impressions


Hello everyone, sonicworld123 here! I know it has been a really long time since I posted anything on this blog, and I have a lot of posts to write, but I’ve just not been feeling  it recently. Since I have nothing to do right now, I thought I would write up my notes on the 3Ds game titled, Yo Kai Watch. 

Yo Kai Watch is a game where you explore the town of Springdale looking for creatures known as YoKai. According to Wikipedia, a Yokai are a class of supernatural monsters, spirits and demons in Japanese folklore, and in this game you befriend them and then make them fight so you can befriend more Yokai. The game is based on Pokemon and shares many similarities with the franchise, which is why some people will say that it is a Pokemon ‘rip off’. At first, I thought the same, and I thought this game was going to be really bad, but I know that is judging a book by its cover, so I got a copy off my brother so I could try the game out for myself, and these are my first impressions starting the game.

First Impressions: 

As I have said earlier, I just assumed that this game would be just Pokemon clone. I also thought the character models were sort of ugly going into the first cutscene.

However, during the cutscene and just getting into the game, the models grew on me I really like the overhead view. Your character, (Katie if you chose girl, Nate if you chose boy) also runs really fast, and you can go even faster while holding B to sprint. This is great because you can get to areas really fast, but you can glitch sometimes and you could accidentally cross at a red light.

The characters also interact slightly differently in the opening cutscene depending whether you chose Katie or Nate.

I played the opening cutscene with both characters and they both get treated slightly differently. The cutscene starts with Nate, Katie, Bear and Eddie talking about how many bugs they caught.

If you chose Nate: Eddie and Bear tease Nate (you) about how the bugs he caught are super average like him. They continue to tease him all the way through the conversation until Nate leaves to try and prove them wrong.

If you choose Katie: Eddie and Bear tease Nate about his bugs being average compared to theirs, but not for long before the attention is on Katie (you). Katie hasn’t caught any bugs but wants to join in. Eddie tells her that they will all help her if she needs it, and then Katie goes off toe grab a bug net and catch some bugs.

After that, I stuck with Katie because the majority of Yo Kai Watch gameplays are using Nate, but I felt sorry for Nate since no one said they would help him, but it could of been their way of showing it to him.

One more thing is that there is a special line from Nate which is like an inside joke for me and a few of my friends is when Nate says “Wow, look at all those trees! I can practically smell the bugs.” This is a gem of a line, and it’s a shame that Katie’s isn’t as cool. She says “I bet all the good bugs like to hang out in the deep woods past the sanctuary.”

Anyway, those are my first impressions of Yo Kai Watch, if you have anything to add or disagree with anything, say in the comments or link me to your own post. Thank you for reading and goodbye!



Pokemon Direct – 06/06/17

Hi everyone! I know it has been a while since the last post and we have so much to catch up on, but today a video called ‘Pokemon Direct’ was released today. The video explains what new Pokemon games are gonna be released this year. I will have to do a post on what I think about the decisions another time because I’m extremely busy, but I promise it at least before or this weekend. Thanks for reading and enjoy the video! What do you think of the game choices? Put your opinions in the comments below!

The New Nintendo 2DS XL| Is There A Point?

A new addition to the 3ds family called the New Nintendo 2DS XL. This new console was announced late last week and has confused a lot of people. Some people are wondering why Nintendo are releasing a console almost straight after the very expensive Nintendo Switch. There is not a lot known about the new 2DS but the trailer.

From what I can gather, this new installment is extremely similar to the New Nintendo 3DS XL. The controls seem the same, and, according to what the trailer clearly states, is that the screens are exactly the same size and probably the same screen resolution. The C-stick is included from the previous installment, and everything seems the same. The only difference that I noticed was the actual exterior design of the device. The edges are curved whereas the other installments had pointed edges.

So, do I think there is a point? Well, considering the fact that the Nintendo Switch came out in March and the demand for more of the console to be made, since they completely ran out, makes me think that there is no point. I’ve never heard anyone talk about wanting Nintendo to make one and this 2DS takes away the main aspect of the 3DS that made it stand out, and that was the fact that you couldn’t fold the screens.  This new 2DS takes this away, and is fold able, which defies the point of it being a 2DS. Also, on 2ds, you can’t use 3D, hence the name 2DS, but if the screens are the same on both the New 3DS XL and the New 2DS XL, so I’m sure you could just turn the 3D setting off on the 3DS.

Anyway, those were my reasons on why I think the 2DS is pointless, but, you never know, Nintendo can and have surprised us in the past, so maybe this will apply to this piece of tech. Thank you and goodbye!


Final Fantasy Sonic X, for those of you who don’t know, is a flash fan-made game series that started back in 2004 and seemingly ended in 2008, although, now the series is making a comeback nine years later. The creator, BlackDevilX, announced this on January 2017. I’m really excited because I used to play and replay this game over and over again. So far, there are six games, with the seventh coming out. I will have to replay them again! 😀 I’m so hyped, because there is so much going on with Sonic this year.

Final Fantasy Sonic X: Episode 7 (Preview Intro)

Final Fantasy Sonic X: Episode 7 (Preview)

BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE RAP by JT Machinima “Can’t Be Erased”

A new song from Jt Machinima on the video game, Bendy and the Ink Machine! I know there is already alot of Bendy on this blog and all around the internet. I understand that this is getting annoying, believe me, I feel like that as well but I swear this will be, hopefully one of the last BATIM posts for a while. I think this song suits the atmosphere and intention of the game well, even if I might not like the song personally. Hope you all enjoy it!

New Games Coming To Nintendo 3DS That I Would Buy

RPG Maker Fes:

I’m excited for this new installment in the RPG maker series because I have been attached to RPGs for a year or two now and I only found out about RPG Maker this year from people playing games that they had made using this engine and I’ve seen some bad Sonic Fan RPG videos around YouTube too. I’ve grown attached to the idea of a Game Maker and would love to try out this game for myself. This game comes out in Europe and America on 27/06/17 so be sure to pick it up!


Ever Oasis:

Ever Oasis seems to most people like a combination of different game play styles from very popular video games. Examples of this are the Animal Crossing elements in building up your oasis and inviting travelers in and looking after them. There is also the Legend Of Zelda aspect when you can fight in dungeons and find more travelers that way. I have to admit, from looking at the cover I didn’t even think that there would be a Animal Crossing aspect, and once I saw it on the trailer, I was actually put off the game slightly, but I’m still willing to try it because it looks good as an overall game and I do love Animal Crossing and Legend Of Zelda and I’m sure I’ll love this game.

Hey! Pikimin:

This game is a new Pikmin game in the series, but this game is a 2d platformer. I don’t know too much about the game, apart from the information I just gave you and the different abilities that the pikimin have:

Red Pikimin – Fire Resistant

Blue Pikimin – Like Water

Yellow Pikimin – Can Jump Higher Than Others + Electricity Resistant

It does look like a very good game, and it wasn’t announced until about a week ago according to Nintendo’s Youtube Channel. I have only played the Pikimin 3 demo so I don’t know much about Pikimin, but I love the game and I love platformers in general so I think I would get a kick out of this game. The game is getting released on 28/09/17.


Harvest Moon: Skytree Village

When I started up the trailer, I was annoyed by the voice of Sabrina and the graphics in some way. The game definitely looks like it is made for young children due to the cuteness of the graphics, but I think the story looks interesting and I would like to try this game out! I’ve never played a Harvest Moon game before, I’d never heard of them until 2015/2016 when I saw PBG’s video on them. This game looks decent enough, although I do think there are some elements that could be improved. The game comes out on 02/06/17, so I’m excited to see how this game will turn out!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post! Please feel free to like and follow the site! Comment which game are you most looking forward to? Thank You and Goodbye!

My First Legendary Character

When I was playing GW2 (plants vs zombies) I opened a fertilizer fun pack and standing in front of my eyes was Iron Citron.FjmMXGO

I tried him out and I have promoted him to Specialist so I’ve only got 2 upgrades for him.Iron Citron only has one bullet that does 50  damage but when you get into his legendary metre he has a crazy ammo boost!From my experience Iron Citron is a good character because with the EMPeach he can stun someone and then do 50 damage!

Bendy And The Ink Machine (BATIM) Chapter 2 Gameplay

I’m a little late with this post, but about a week ago the second chapter of the BATIM story was released. I have not played this game myself, but I’ve seen other people play it and the second chapter leaves a lot of questions. There will be more posts on the blog and I’m going to try and do at least one post a day. In the meantime, enjoy this gameplay video of Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 2!

Hanatan – 独りんぼエンヴィー ( Hitorinbo Envy ) | Song Of The Week

Hello everyone, and I want to start this new set of posts which is ‘Song Of The Week’. In this weekly series, I will post my favourite song/songs that I have grown attached to over the week. It is Friday today for me so this series will be every Friday when possible. Today I have this very nice song called Hitorinbo Envy by Hanatan. I found this song while browsing flipnotes on youtube, and I found this masterpiece!

PV: Solitary Hide and Seek Envy – Hanatan – Flipnote Hatena

This flipnote appealed to me visually, but I also really like the song. I looked it up and the first thing that came up was the original song with a really dark music video that starred Hatsune Miku. I have also put the video here so you can watch!

I really like this song because it is quite a dark song but is masked slightly by the instrumental breaks which sound slightly cheerful to me. I also think the video goes really well with the intention of the song. I know that there are other videos that aren’t as dark as this one, but I think that this video is more suitable with the music. What do you think? Comment down below your opinions as I read all comments on the blog! Bye!

[SFM] Blaze Contingency The Movie | shadow759

This was a short film based on characters from the Sonic franchise, such as Silver and /blaze, who are mildly obscure characters. They are the main characters in this half an hour movie and I loved spending my evening with a packet of sweets watching it! If the full video doesn’t run properly, the creator, shadow759, has split the movie into parts. Thanks for reading, and I hope you get a kick out of this short film!


If you don’t know, Scott Cawthon is the creator of the Five Nights At Freddys (FNAF) series. He announced that a FNAF movie was in the works, and there were only the occasional update on his website.

It was announced around late 2016/early 2017 that Scott was going to start the movie again because he wanted to be more involved in the movies production. Because of this, most fans were worried that this massive delay might lead to the cancellation of the movie. However, everyone were shocked to see Scott’s first tweet (bear in mind that he made his Twitter account back in December 2014) about the movie.

We get this image of a cinema with a directors chair and Freddy is written on it. Personally, I think that this indicates that Freddy Fazbear and friends are going to be movie stars, which would suggest that the movie is still pressing on through development, and this is a good sign.


The image that Scott tweeted out about the movie

If you want a more in-depth look at what this could suggest about the movie, I have found a discussion t hat goes into detail on the picture and what is in the picture. That is all from me now, bye!

“Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter Two” – Teaser Trailer and “Bendy: Chapter Two” Preview at CGX!

The phenomenal game, Bendy And The Ink Machine, has taken the internet by storm since the debut of the first chapter in January 2017. Now, the long awaited Chapter 2 has been announced and this teaser trailer was released on March 27th 2017.

Another video came out today by theMeatly about how he previewed the second chapter at a gaming convention this year, and how they were selling merchandise and how exciting it was for theMeatly to have people coming up to them and saying how they enjoy their game.

Sonic 06 VS Sonic Boom

I’ve been very interested in Sonic again recently. I have always loved Sonic and I used to be obsessed with the series. I am again, and I’m very happy about it too, because I’ve stepped away from Sonic because of Sonic Boom. I got the demo of the Wii U and 3ds version and they were so bad. However, I’ve been listening to a lot of Sonic ’06 music and I’ve been looking into the reasons why the game turned out the way it did. This video came up as recommended for me on YouTube. I watched it and thought I’d share it on the blog.

After being absent on the blog for a while, I didn’t realise how much fun I had posting and sharing stuff that makes me happy across the world. I want to thank all our followers and viewers for taking time out of their lives to glimpse at our website. Thanks again and enjoy the video!

Things I noticed once I started Pokemon Sun | Pokemon Sun: First Look




I started my Pokemon Sun adventure last night and I noticed a lot of things before I even got to choose my Pokemon starter. Also, note that most of these observations are negative and if you have anything you noticed when you started up your game, or you disagree with what I have said, please comment down below, I read all comments! Here are some of the things I noticed:

  1. Having To Google How To Delete Current Save File

My copy of the game had an existing save file that I wanted to delete. It didn’t say anywhere how to delete the save file. I had to Google it, which is already a con because if kids want to delete a save file, they never read the instructions so how are they able to perform this action? It turns out you need to press a specific set of buttons at a specific time in the game in a specific order. Now, I had to do this a couple of times for the previous save file actually deleted, and this is not helpful considering that kids will also play this game.

2. All The Characters So Far Are Bland

The avatars that you can choose to represent yourself are very boring and have a design that is very basic. I can see that they have done this so that the character can match the different skin tones you can choose from but I still think they could have made the characters look at least interesting. The other people such as the professor, the Kahuna and his grandson (I cant remember their names, that’s how forgettable they are to me) are all very bland and forgettable. They have no character development. I’ve only just started this game, so maybe these characters get developed later on but for now they are very poorly executed and I felt bored for the first portion of the game rather than excited.

3. The Walking and Running Animations For The Avatars and NPCs are Unnatural

Once I was able to control my avatar, I realised how odd and unnatural the walking and running animation is. When walking, I felt like my character was not actually touching the floor and when she was taking, I guess, ‘regular’ steps, she ended up sliding along and taking a massive step while her animation was just her taking small steps. All in all, she looked like she was gliding along the floor because the speed that they had set her to walk with did not match up with the walking animation, and the same goes for the running animation as well. This wouldn’t bother me so much if it was only my avatar did this, but ALL the characters I’ve met so far have this problem, and these sort of issues really annoy me.

[I went back and played the game a bit more, and I’ve decided that the animations are still bad, but they aren’t the worst. When I first came on, I wondered why I hated them, and now I it really bothers me again, but I will still keep my whole paragraph on it because these are my first impression.]

4. The Section Before You Choose Your Pokemon Is Too Long

Before you get your Starter Pokemon  in this game, there are A LOT of things you need to do . The first main series game I played was Pokemon: Omega Ruby, and the intro to that game was short and to the point. Yes, it wasn’t the best, but all the people who play are playing for Pokemon. Pokemon are the reason that people play the games, so giving people their first Pokemon almost immediately after the game starts keeps players hooked and excited to catch more Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun, however, had you doing chores, watch really boring cut scenes about people and problems that we are meant to be excited about but instead don’t care and just want to get that Litten they’ve always wanted (I actually chose Rowlet by the way). This is not good seeing as I was actually very excited to choose my Pokemon. Yes we need to understand how to play the game, but do we really need to ‘find the kahuna’ and are given no hints as to where he might be so I spent the first few minutes just trying to find him. When I found him, there were so many things that he didnt explain, like, ‘what is a kahuna?’ ‘why are some of the Pokemon designs  different in this region compared to other regions?’. Instead, he goes on about how I should come to a festival ! Seriously, it is only around this point that I get my own Pokemon and Iam still in the intro doing useless things and being introduced to useless people who won’t explain anything to me. When I met Lillie and asked her name, she just shook her head and ignored me, which is really annoying but then, why do I care who she is? This is not good for people of any age, especially children, because they would loose interest quickly that is not what you want people to do when they play your game.

5 Cut Scene and New Area Transitions

Every time I go to a new area or a cut scene takes place, the screen fades to black for around 10 seconds. This happens all the way through the games intro and if this occurred occasionally, then I wouldn’t mind that much, but it happens a lot and it is very annoying because it happens everywhere I go! This is game changing in my opinion because if this is constantly happening, this would annoy old and young players alike and would distract us from the decent parts of the game.

6. Wrongly Recording Hours/Minutes Of Gameplay

My copy of Pokemon Sun is actually not mine, it belongs to my little brother. He got the game for Christmas and he hasn’t played it since. He complained about how the game didn’t save properly and left untouched all this time. I wanted to try the game out, and since he wasn’t using his game anymore, I checked how long he’d been playing. The game said he’d only played five minutes of the game, so I thought if he wanted the game back, he could just get back to where he was really easily, so I deleted his save data. It turns out he’d played for hours and had beaten two Kahunas and he got really angry at me. I surprised that the game didn’t record the amount of time he’d been playing properly. This was very annoying and should be updated.

7. Actual Pokemon Battle Gameplay

Everything I’ve said so far is practically negative, so here is the one positive thing I have to write about, and that is about the actual Pokemon battles that take place countless times through every main series Pokemon Game. The battles are decent. They are slightly repetitive, but the battles overall are as they should be. Both Pokemon fighting are displayed and you choose the moves you want your Pokemon to use. The only problem I have is that the first Pokemon Trainer fights you have are ridiculously easy. When you first get your starter Pokemon, it is already Lvl 5, and all the other trainers you fight (who are mostly preschoolers or lazy teens) have Lvl 3 – 4 Pokemon, and this continues until your starter (or just my starter) was around Lvl 10 – 11 and was fighting more lazy teen girls with Lvl 7 Pokemon. I have won every match that I have been involved in so far, so I think there should be more of a challenge at the start of the game.

These are all of my first opinion on Pokemon Sun. I am aware that the majority of my opinions are on negative aspects of the game, but I am not one of those people who put down a game and never touch it just because it didn’t have the best opening. I will continue my Pokemon journey in the Alola region. I’m already feeling a lot more excited about this game as I play, even though there are some ‘questionable’ things going on. Once I’m around half way through the game I will do another opinion based post and another once I’ve finished the game. Then I’m going to compare and compile them all to create an overall review of the entire game, so I will be working towards that goal, for now, keep playing, watching, reviewing and I will be back with the next post. Goodbye!



The new asdfmovie is out! I’ve been following this series since it started and has been very popular between my friends! I have to say personally, not many of them are that funny, but that is my opinion, except for beep beep like a sheep. You’ll understand what that means once you watch it. Enjoy and subscribe to TomSka! Also, appreciate the all-star cast of some of the worlds favourite youtubers!

FNAF SISTER LOCATION SONG | “Funtime Dance Floor” by CK9C [Official SFM]

I really like this song, even though I prefer ‘You Can’t Hide’. I hope you guys enjoy this song! The animation for all the music are amazing and I love them! There is also a TattleTail Song called ‘No More Mama’  coming up on the blog next, but for now enjoy this funky FNAF song!


How to get the Devil Goat (Goat Simulator)

Today I will be showing you how to get the devil goat A.K.A the evil goat.

Firstly, you have to go towards the red house; near there is a mini hill where you will find the ritual circle.When you find it take not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 but 5 people in the ritual circle and there you go; you have unlocked the devil goat.

Some people don’t know what the devil goat’s ability is .different at times and I can explain why. When you use it in front of on an object or a player they will go into a ball while continuously glitching their body parts but if you use it when no one is in front of you then you will start spinning around continuously and it does start to make a noise which is pretty annoying.evil-goat