Hanatan – 独りんぼエンヴィー ( Hitorinbo Envy ) | Song Of The Week

Hello everyone, and I want to start this new set of posts which is ‘Song Of The Week’. In this weekly series, I will post my favourite song/songs that I have grown attached to over the week. It is Friday today for me so this series will be every Friday when possible. Today I have this very nice song called Hitorinbo Envy by Hanatan. I found this song while browsing flipnotes on youtube, and I found this masterpiece!

PV: Solitary Hide and Seek Envy – Hanatan – Flipnote Hatena

This flipnote appealed to me visually, but I also really like the song. I looked it up and the first thing that came up was the original song with a really dark music video that starred Hatsune Miku. I have also put the video here so you can watch!

I really like this song because it is quite a dark song but is masked slightly by the instrumental breaks which sound slightly cheerful to me. I also think the video goes really well with the intention of the song. I know that there are other videos that aren’t as dark as this one, but I think that this video is more suitable with the music. What do you think? Comment down below your opinions as I read all comments on the blog! Bye!


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