Behind on the Nintendo Switch Hype!

I have just got into the hype of the upcoming Nintendo Switch. I have just seen the trailer (From October 2016. I know. I’m so behind. 😖) and I’m in the swing of things. I will add it here in case you guys haven’t seen it:

I’m in the middle of watching all the game trailers and the Nintendo Switch Presentation. Yes. I haven’t watched those yet either.

However, I’m going to join the Nintendo Switch Amino, I’m following another gaming blog who literately get everything about any games. Lets start with the games, the trailers and my thoughts on them.

Splatoon 2

I think that Splatoon 2 could easily just be an update for Splatoon but, because it is a new console, they need a new game. I like the addition of adding hairstyles and the new weapons and power ups. The story mode looks interesting considering the characters that came up at the end. Overall, I really don’t think they needed another game, but it looks good and Im looking forward to it.

Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

Again, I really think this could have just been an update or the characters a DLC, but, because they have a new console, they need to up one of their most popular games on Nintendo Switch. However, I think the game is fine! It looks mostly the same as the original Mario Kart 8. I think it will be fun, but I’m not as hyped for it as some other games.


Now, this is an odd game. I don’t know much about it apart from the fact that it is a wrestling type fighting game that features characters with extendable arms.

The game looks good, and I definitely want to try it! I’m still not sure what character I’d be, but hey! Looks interesting and new, thats all I can say.

Super Mario Oddssey

I didn’t think much of this game when I saw the title, but when I watched the trailer my reaction was like this; “Oh my fricking god!!!!!! WHAT HAS HAPPENED?! WHY ARE YOU IN THE HUMAN WORLD MARIO?!? THIS HONESTLY LOOKS LIKE A FAN GAME!”. This basically explains how hyped I am for this game. I’m hyped! The trailer was amazing and insightful and you could practically go anywhere!

Sonic Mania

I understand why this game is 2D and why this game is on a Nintendo console. SEGA have gone downhill since Sonic Boom and they are trying to redeem themselves. I think the graphics for this game are amazing but the idea not original, but hey, I bet it is good. I hope they update this game if it gets popular because I see alot of potential in the development of this game.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 

I honestly think this game looks really fun. I’ve always been bad at Tetris, and I don’t really know what Puyo Puyo is, but I love the character designs and the multiplayer aspect. This would be a great game to play with family and friends on game night or a sleepover etc.

Super Bomberman R

I think this game is one of the games I’m looking forward to… I have played Bomberman before with my siblings and we had a great time! The game was challenging yet we picked up the controls on the second go. I’m really excited for this game and I think it looks great! The only problem I have is Bomberman’s voice….*sigh*

There are some other games that have the Nintendo crew actually playing the game and testing it out and showing the gameplay. I will post about them and the Nintendo Switch Presentation when I have watched them.


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