Time To Put Up The Christmas Tree! 

Now, normally,  we wouldn’t do any kind of real life related posts, but I saw SerendipiDIY do a post on her Christmas Tree, so we thought we would the same! This is going to be a very long post. Most bloggers spend an hour or two but I spend like ten minutes so this post is going great to be significantly longer. 

We have way too many decorations and too much tinsel. We found some old tree decorations that were very delicate. I did shatter the nicest one, by accident, and if you would like to know what the decoration looked like, it was an old smoking pipe with different colours on it. I never got a proper look at it and I haven’t got a photo to share.

This year,  we spent a very long time putting the tree up and decorating. We were busy on the tree for two hours or three at the most. 

We have an old fake tree that we’ve had for a lo get get time. If you think about it, the fake trees are more value than real trees because, even though they both cause pollution, you can keep the fake tree for ages so the factories don’t need to make as many, but it is worse to keep chopping down a real tree every year and chucking it out afterwards. 

Anyway,  we had a lot of fun putting the tree up. I hope everyone who has put a tree up this year had a good time!

I apologise for the blury photographs. Have a good day! ☺


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