Mega Evolution Stones Pokemon Alpha Sapphire! | 25/10/2016.

Today I found loads of mega evolution stones on Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I have found : Kangasgangite, Shapedonite, Cameruptite, Steelixite, Latiasite, Salamenceite, Abomasite,and loads of other mega stones but I’ve got two special ones that I need to show.The first mega evolution stone is Charizardite X. I’ve only got one Charizard in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire that I can mega evolve I’ve also got loads of other pokemon that I can mega evolve. Mega Charizard X is more powerful than mega Charizard Y even though in pokemon games such as Pokemon x and y and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, Mega Charizard Y looks more powerful.The second evolution stone is Charizardite Y.Mega Charizard Y is less powerful than Mega Charizard X but you should always use Mega Charizard Y in double battles because Mega Charizard Y changes the moves so if your in a double battle the move that he uses will attack both Pokemon that you’re battling.


Mega Charizard X


Mega Charizard Y


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