Addicting Game! | Dragon City

Today I’m posting about the popular, or, used to be, game by Social Point. Animallover9000 loves this game! In the game, we are Level 8 and we are trying to unlock the Butterfly Dragon bit we have wasted our gems.

We are getting a gift every day for the next thirteen days because we have just joined. Our welcome gift yesterday, Day 1 was a very rare Double Terra Dragon. Today we are meant to get a bag of Gems, but we aren’t allowed to obtain them until 11am! 

There is also a Theme Park world which you go on to get dragons through the maze with candy apples. Animallover9000 is determined to get the dragon she had to the finish and get lots more candy apples because the park closes 1 hour and 5 minutes.

She wants to pay but that is what the developers want people to do, so we are going to try and get this through the game without paying! 


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