On Monday, I started playing Pokemon Omega Ruby again. Since then, I have beat the story mode by stopping Groudon from destroying Stootopolis City in the Cave of Origin.

I also obtained my national Pokédex so I’m catching more Pokémon from different regions now. I’m kind of obsessed with the game and crazyrafa344 is always completely slaying my Pokémon.

Yesterday, however, I beat him twice. Today, though, he beat me twice, and he had beat me five times already. Seven to two. 😑

I’ be made it to the Pokémon League too. I beat the first and second members of the Elite Four but the third person, Glacia, beat me and my Sceptile. I haven’t challenged them again yet, but I will post on how that goes! 

Also, I’m getting into Animal Crossing New Leaf and Pokémon Art Academy. I definitely finish Wind Waler too. Bye!  


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