Play EXPO Experience! | On Sunday 9th October 2016


This convention happens locally every year and I have been going since 2012/2013. This year it was amazing! This event was in the UK so people who are reading this in the US or Russia or anywhere else, I’m sure they have an equivalent.

There were so many games! I played some arcade games such as Pac-Man Mania and Blastroids.

There were also long, long lines for virtual reality head set gaming. They were probably versions of the Oculus Rift.

There were so many people this year!


Lots of different consoles you could try!

Also, I noticed that you could even buy some of the games and machines to take home with you! Not the ones that people were playing on, but one of the thousands of spares at hand. Please note that this place is very overpriced so I would always think twice about buying some really expensive console for £70 when you could get it on eBay for £30!

There was also this cool band that were starting out. They are called EZXP and they do rock video game covers.

All I bought from the convention was an A4 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 picture. When the man asked if I wanted it signed, I stupidly said no! Although, there were copyright claims in his poster dispaly book so I wondered if he did really draw the posters, but that doesn’t matter. Hopefully, this blog will still be active so I can post on next year! Bye!!!!




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