Pokemon Generations: Episode 5 & 6

Yesterday, two episodes of the Pokemon Generations web series came out!

Here is the first one:

Out of both these episodes, I prefer this episode about the policeman talking to Giovanni’s son. They talk about when they last saw Giovanni and where they think he his.

I think this episode is great because it flashbacks to when Giovanni and his son last saw each other. It gives a bit more insight into Giovanni’s behavior and past, but makes us wonder even more what the answer to our question is: Where is Giovanni?

This is the 6th episode:

I think this episode is ok. This one is about this man who goes to see some ruins in search of some legendary Pokemon. He tells us of an old legend and how he desperately wants to see these Pokemon.

I don’t find this episode as interesting, but I’m not saying its bad. It’s all right. It is only my opinion. I you have any other opinions please comment down below.


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