Will The Wind Waker Return? 😖

As you know, at the end of August, me and crazyrafa344 just went quiet on The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker for the Gamecube! 😊

The only reason we stopped was not because we hate the game. I love it! We actually got stuck right at the end (not saying what happened to Tetra, even though most people know!😉) and we are in either the Temple of Earth or the Temple of Wind.

The last post I did on this game was around the 20th August. It was about the pig being killed! 🐷

Anyway, if any of you viewers have any way of getting through the temple, comment down below please, thank you!

I’m excited for the upcoming Play EXPO this Sunday! It is on in Manchester over the weekend and I’m so excited for it! 😻

I will do a few videos so everyone can get the gist of things and because most people may not be able to experience this kind of thing.

I have some Stranger Things posts coming up and a live action Dora the Explorer! See everyone soon! 👋


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