Redd Ripped Me Off! | Animal Crossing New Leaf

As I said yesterday, here is the post on my weird and annoying ANCL story that I bet has happened to some people before.

I heard about how to get the Roost Café and I need to get the museum gift shop first. To get that I needed one item donated to the Museum from every category (1 bug, 1 fish, 1 diving sea creature, 1 fossilised dinosaur/shark bit and 1 painting). I had everything except a painting, so I waited until Redd’s shop (a.k.a The Black Market) had arrived in my town.

I went into his shop and I could only buy one of four items/sculptures. I chose the famous painting (a.k.a The Mona Lisa) and showed it to Blathers. He said it was a fake! I’d been duped!

Today  I was looking up what I did wrong, because, apart from an unlikely chance to get one at Nooks Homes, this was the only place to get a painting. I found a website that listed the differences between the fakes and the real pictures, and I found out that one of the four paintings/sculptures were real while the other three were fake. I blindly paid for a fake one. Dear me. I guess I will have to ait a little longer to obtain the Museum gift dhop and Roost Café! Bye now, and remember, always look stuff up for rushing into games like these!


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