News Update and Things I’ve got into since I last posted…

Sorry that I or anybody else on the ‘Games are Great!’ team haven’t posted anything recently. However, its the 1st of September so its a new month! Here are some of the tings that have to go onto the website.

Tomodachi Life:

Most people have played this game already, I have. I lost copy of the game in August 2015. I have found the game and I’m now playing it again. I will keep updates on the islanders. My Island is already pretty big already! Here is a whole islanders photo and the logo for my game.


Tomodachi Life logo on my copy of the game


All my Islanders

Also, if you want to check out the website, feel free! Here is the link:

Tomodachi Life Official Website

Stranger Things:

Look, I know that mostly everyone has seen the first season, and if you haven’t seen it, GO WATCH IT! ITS BRILLIANT!

Anyway, Netflix released a trailer for season 2 yesterday, and it is very vague. See it for yourself. Like if you want Eleven to come back!

That’s all for now! Pokémon sightings will be posted on today Pokémon Fans!

By the way, this trailer is from the UK and Ireland Netflix channel, but the trailer I on all Netflix channels and it was released yesterday!


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