It’s time for some variation, and Pokémon Sun and Moon

Hello, sonicworld123 here. I think it’s about time we started posting posts about other things besides ‘Pokémon Go!’. I think we should start by mentioning some of the other games in the Pokémon franchise and then move on to others. I’m dedicating one post per game for each, and, I know that I’ve been posting the most lately, and I have sent requests to other bloggers to join the team, so there will be posts from them. crazyrafa344 does have news for everyone, but I think he should post about it to you guys, so just hold on. 🙂

Pokémon Sun and Moon is the first subject on my list, along with a review on the Rachet and Clank movie (a game I have NEVER played), but that is going to be in a future post.

Pokémon Sun and Moon, as you all probably know, is a new Pokémon main series game set in the Alola region. The game looks good, but of course, it isn’t out yet. Here are some videos about the game before I explain any further so you can get a look of the game:

So, if you watched the two videos above, you will notice how Nintendo are trying to change it up a bit, but I don’t know how everyone feels about some of the bland, new Pokémon. So, what Nintendo decided to do was change the already existing Pokémon. That is all from me. Goodbye!




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