Another trip through Alexandra Park!

Today me, crazyrafa344 and animallover9000 went to Alexandra Park and we found some more Pokemon. I’m not going to mention what Pokemon we got but you can check out crazyrafa344’s post, which will mention all the different Pokemon which we caught. 

Seeing as we just started, our character is now Level 4! Soon, we will be able to battle the gyms! I want to battle the St Bedes gym!

Also, I wanted to mention the Pokestops. They are absolutely everywhere and I’m glad because we got multiple eggs and one is in the incubator and we only need to walk 1 more kilometre! We also had some helpers with us today in Alexandra Park, their names I will not mention. 

We were on the hunt for still Pokemon and I have sent some more invitations to my friends to help on the team! 

One last thing, if anyone one wants me to make a post about the 3ds Pokemon games, comment and share this post!


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